How to use Suptask in DM

Suptask ticketing in Slack Direct Messages (DM)
Written by Sara
Updated 9 months ago

You can activate ticketing for Slack Direct Messages (DM) per Suptask ticket form. This is done within the Suptask Web UI by the Suptask Admin. 

For ticketing to work within a Slack users DM, explicit permissions will need to be granted by that user. This ensures that privacy are met per user. 

A user that tries to initiate ticketing (by applying the :ticket: emoji) on a message, without having permissions granted, will receive the following message from the Suptask App in Slack: 

Please go to and enable tickets for direct messages before you can create a ticket.

Once the user granted the permissions, Suptask ticketing will be available in DM for that user. 

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