How to display Suptask in Slack

Steps to add Suptask in to the left side menu on Slack
Written by Sara
Updated 4 months ago

Having Suptask available in the left side menu on Slack make it easy to access your tickets and other features that it offers. 

Suptask is itself a Slack App operating inside your workspace. Make sure your Slack Workspace admin have installed Suptask App properly by following this guide.
Add Slack to the left side menu in Slack:
  1. In the Apps section in the left side menu, press on Add apps
  2. Navigate in the list to find Suptask, if you do not find it you will need to search for Suptask for it to show up
  3. Press on Suptask and it should automatically be added to your left side menu in Slack
  4. Select to star Suptask App to keep it in your favorite list.
  5. Done! 

Read how to star a channel, app or person here
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