How to configure one-click emoji reactions

Configure one-click emoji reactions in Slack
Written by Sara
Updated 2 months ago

One-click emoji reactions allows your Slack workspace to show a set of easy accessible emoji reaction icons to be available for each of your users. 

We recommend that you configure your Slack workspace to make the following emoji's available as one-click emoji reactions:

  • Ticket (:ticket:)  🎫
  • Trumpet (:trumpet:) 🎺

The Ticket (:ticket) emoji enables your users to create Suptask tickets while the Trumpet (:trumpet) emoji allow your Agents to send public replies back to the users that have access to the submitted ticket.

Edit your user preferences

To make One-click emoji's to be visible, users might need to perform the following steps in their Slack account:

  1. Open Preferences (click on your user image in the upper right corner in Slack)
  2. Select Messages & Media
  3. Scroll down to the Emoji section
  4. Enable the option Show one-click reactions on messages
  5. Use the Custom alternative and select the two emoji's referred to above.


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