How to create a ticket

Create and submit your tickets in many different ways.
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Ticket creation with Suptask can support a number of different teams and use cases:

  • Submit an IT issue in the Collaboration channel #it-helpdesk to the IT team.
  • Have your employees send a personal enquiry to the HR team using Private tickets. 
  • Create a ticket directly from your Direct Message (DM) conversation into your team inbox. 
  • Submit internal service orders from the mobile Slack client using Suptask App Home.

To help you get started with your use case, we have collected a number of videos and described the steps below.

Before you can create a ticket, confirm that Suptask and Inboxes are set up properly, and that the Suptask App have joined the channels on Slack to enable ticket submissions. You can verify this by typing /invite @Suptask to make sure Suptask App is invited in that channel.

Create a new ticket using message shortcuts: 

Use the shortcut on a message to trigger the creation of a ticket from anywhere in Sla

'ck, incl channels, direct messages (DM) or any private group. 

  1. Move your mouse over the desired message to create a ticket from. 
  2. Press on the three dots within the context action menu to the right. See example screenshot below.
  3. Select Create a ticket (suptask)
    If you do not see it, select More message shortcuts... to list additional shortcuts.
  4. Suptask will guide you through creating the ticket for the desired person or team.
  5. Done!

Create a new ticket from messages using the Ticket emoji:

  1. You have sent a message which you want to start a ticket from.
  2. On the message, add a reaction emoji by hovering over the message to display the small section with action icons in it. 
  3. Select the reaction emoji Ticket (:ticket: 🎫)
  4. Suptask will automatically identify this emoji as the trigger to create a new ticket
  5. Suptask will display the ticket forms available to submit a new ticket in this channel. Select the one you want to use 
  6. Fill in the form fields and submit the ticket
  7. Done! Your first ticket has been created.
We recommend you to customize your reaction emojis in Slack in order to have quick access to submitting tickets from messages.

Create a new ticket with slash command:

  1. Type /suptask to initiate the ticket creation and select ticket forms.
  2. Select the ticket form you want to use when submitting your ticket
  3. Fill in the form fields and submit the ticket.
  4. Done! Your ticket has been created

Create a ticket from Suptask App home in Slack: 

  1. Open the Suptask app in Slack from the left-side menu (search for it if it does not show up)
  2. Click on Submit a new ticket action button.
  3. Select where you want to create the ticket and to which inbox form
  4. Fill in the form fields and submit the ticket.
  5. Done

Create a ticket automatically from new messages: 

Create a new private ticket:

Create a ticket from Direct Messages (DM):

Additional information

When a ticket has been created, the team of responders will receive the ticket you submitted in their dedicated channel where they triage and respond to the ticket. They will get notified when a new ticket is submitted.

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