What is a Collaboration channel

How to use the Collaboration channel in Suptask
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Suptask allow tickets to be sent in from anywhere in your Slack workspace. Users can choose to send them either as Private tickets, or as Public tickets. 

When the ticket is sent as a Public ticket, the ticket will be visible in a Collaboration channel for all users who are a part of that channel. 

When the ticket is sent as a Private ticket, the ticket is only available to the user who is the Requester of the ticket. 

Collaboration channels can be both Public Slack channels, or Private Slack channels. Which extends the number of use cases for the Collaboration channel. 

When should I use a Collaboration channel? 

Each ticket form inbox can be configured to be available for Private tickets only, or using a Collaboration channel. 

Tickets submitted to a Collaboration channel, will be available to all the users inside of the Collaboration channel.

It is recommended that you only receive requests through a Collaboration channel which are not containing sensitive information. If you need to receive sensitive information, use Private tickets for your ticket forms

Example 1
You could have #it-helpdesk channel where all your users in your organization can submit issues that the IT team should respond to. In this case #it-helpdesk is a Collaboration channel.
Example 2
If you need several teams to cooperate on issues that are submitted. Customer Success or Support can submit a ticket to Product & Engineering, where the triage process can happen inside of the Collaboration channel. For example inside of #product-help

How does the Responder channel work together with the Collaboration channel? 

Think of a Responder channel as a private space for Agents with a stream of all incoming tickets for the configured ticket forms. Where all users in the Responder channel are automatically becoming an Agent in Suptask, as they can manage and assign themselves on tickets.

As a Responder channel is a private Slack channel, it is the perfect area for Agents to cooperate as a team, to leave private comments in the ticket thread, and choose what replies that should be public and sent back to the user(s) who submitted the ticket.

Learn more about Responder channels

How Agents can work in the Collaboration channel? 

Learn more on how Agents can work in the Collaboration channel, for example when triaging issues together with other teams.

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