How to setup Service Level Agreements (SLA)

Define SLA thresholds and automatic breach notifications
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Contact or reach out to us via the web Chat to set up SLAs for your account. 

Service Level Agreements (SLA) enables you to define how Agents should work with tickets in order to provide a good experience to requesters.

This is done by defining certain thresholds that are applied to your Inbox, where tickets need to comply by these thresholds. 

Agents will automatically be notified about potential or executed breaches, making it easier to stay on top of your tickets. 

Set up SLA rules and thresholds

  • Priority levels: None, or Low, Medium, High, Critical 
  • Resolution time: Time it takes to move a ticket to Closed (Solved). Caluclated from when the ticket is created to when it is closed. 
  • Reply time: Time it takes to send replies as an Agent (via the Responder channel) to Requesters. Calculated from the last reply. For the first reply, it is calculate from when the ticket was created.

Breaches, escalations and notifications 

Tickets who are about to breach its SLA threshold, or faces a risk of doing so, can automatically notify Agents and other users. 

  • Send a notification prior to a threshold breach: Define the time in minutes when the assigned Agent should be notified about a potential breach coming up. 
  • Send a notification when a threshold has been breached: Define the time in minutes when the assigned Agent should be notified when a threshold has been breached. 
  • Send an escalation notification: Select another user than the Agent who should be notified about the breach, for example the manager or team lead of the Agent team. 

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