How to set up Agent work hours

Configure Agent work hours for your inboxes
Written by Sara
Updated 4 months ago

Inboxes can be set up with your Agent's default work hours, including the timezone they are in. 

With the work hours of your Agents, you can get accurate calculation of performance metrics and empower other features in Suptask. 

Each inbox can be configured with work hours for your Agents: 

  • Start time
  • End time 
  • Timezone

Mean time to resolution (MTTR) with Agent work hours

Every ticket is measured on how fast it is resolved by Agents by using the Mean Time To Resolution (MTTR) metric. With work hours applied to the inbox, every ticket is calculated with the respect of the work hours. 

This improves accuracy of the MTTR metric as hours outside the work hours are excluded from the calculation. 

To start using work hours on your account, contact
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