How to send and manage approvals

Manage and request approvals inside of your tickets
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Approvals can easily be handled within your tickets, empowering you to request approvals from any person within your organization.

Approvals extends the capabilities in your Suptask ticketing system, making it possible to cover additional use cases within your daily work which requires approvals from outside your team of agents. 

For example
Approvals can be used to confirm a purchase from a manager, have your Legal department review a request or confirm the setup of a new account between several parties.

How to request an approval

An Agent of the ticket can request approval for any ticket that is currently active.

There can be one or many approval requests sent within the same ticket. This allows you to request different approvals from different parties. 

Every approval request can be sent to one or many users within your Slack workspace. Within every approval request sent, you will be able to track who have accepted or rejected your request, and the overview of replies from your approvers.

How to approve a request

When an approval request is sent to a user, that user will receive an automatic notification from Suptask in Slack. 

Every approval request includes the options for the approver to either Accept, or Reject the approval request. 

The approver receives access to read the content and the replies sent in the ticket. This makes it easy for the approver to understand the context of the approval request.

The approver can reply within the ticket, making it possible to chat with the parties of the tickets in case there is any follow up questions or clarifications required. 

As an approver you can select to Unfollow the ticket whenever you are done with your approval request. After you have unfollowed a ticket, you will no longer receive any updates on it nor will you be able to send any replies to the ticket.

Audit and Compliance

Within a ticket you can send an Approval request to one or many parties. which is recorded in the ticket for audit and compliance. Every requests is saved inside of the ticket, including the specific approval request text. 

Any changes from approvers, such as changing their decision from approved to rejected, will be recorded and saved in the ticket. 

A summary of the current state of the Approval request is also recorded on the ticket, which makes it easy to track who have approved and who have rejected over a timeline.

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