How to manage your personal summaries

Receive summary reminders of your tasks from Suptask
Written by Sara
Updated 5 months ago

Personal summary reminders are an efficient way to get an overview of your tickets, how many tickets you have and when the tickets were last updated. 

Suptask can send users and Agents automatic summary reminders of their active tickets. Agents will also receive information about all tickets that are unassigned across their responder channels. 

The summary reminder is sent by Suptask between 7AM-8AM according to the user's defined timezone in Slack.

Personal summary messages are by default disabled for all users. In an upcoming release it will become automatically enabled. 

Manage your summary reminders

Every user who have interacted with Suptask and have any active ticket can receive a reminder from Suptask. 

Summary reminders can be customized by each user by selecting Manage on the sent summary message from Suptask: 

Any user in Slack can at anytime manage their summary reminders using this quick command that can be written in the message field in Slack: 

Manage and Enable/Disable using the quick command: 
/suptask mysummary

Customize your summary reminders

Users can customize their summary reminders to receive them according to their requirements:

  • Enable or Disable reminders 
  • Define what days the message should be sent.
    • Select all your business days to receive reminders daily.
    • Select only one day to receive reminders weekly

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