How to overview and find your tickets

Overview and filter your submitted and assigned tickets
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Getting a good overview of your submitted tickets is critical to understand what is currently the status of them and the updates they have received. 

Suptask provides two major overviews to keep an eye on your tickets that includes flexible filtering to find the exact the tickets you are looking for.

Make sure the Suptask App is visible in the left side menu on Slack. If you do not see it under the Apps section at the far bottom, follow this article to make it visible.
The two ticket overviews:
  • Overview inside of Slack - can be found in the Suptask App Home inside of Slack.
  • Advanced Web Overview can be found in the Suptask Web which provides additional filtering options, selection of data fields to view and custom views to create focused overviews of your tickets. 

Overview inside of Slack

  1. Open Suptask App in the left side menu on Slack
  2. Press on Select filters button to the right
  3. Select in the textfield list My active requested tickets
  4. The list of your opened or in-progress submitted tickets will be listed 
  5. Open a ticket by pressing on View
  6. From here you can view, manage and comment on tickets. 

Note: If no tickets exists the list will be empty

The filtering is a powerful way for you to identify the relevant tickets you want to view from Suptask. Use it to get an overview of your tickets. 

Advanced Web Overview

  1. Open Web Overview - Link button can be found from Suptask App Home in the left side menu on Slack. You can also navigate directly to
  2. Use Configure Views to customize what data columns to view and what filters to apply. 
  3. Open a ticket by pressing on the item in the list to view the details of the ticket. 
    1. The Organization field is displayed in the header.  
    2. All Custom fields displayed at the bottom. 
    3. To open the ticket as an Agent, use the link at the far bottom. 
    4. To open the ticket as a Requester, use the link at the top
Create custom views of your filters that could for example help you:
  • To overview what tickets that are still Unassigned. 
  • To track what tickets are missing a reply. 
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