How to list and overview tickets

Overview and find your submitted and assigned
Written by Sara
Updated 9 months ago

Getting a good overview of your submitted tickets is critical to understand what is currently the status of them and the updates they have received. 

Suptask provides a single place for you to keep an eye on your tickets that includes flexible filtering to find the exact tickets you are looking for.

Make sure the Suptask App is visible in the left side menu on Slack. If you do not see it under the Apps section at the far bottom, follow this article to make it visible.
Find my submitted tickets:
  1. Open Suptask App in the left side menu on Slack
  2. Press on Select filters button to the right
  3. Select in the textfield list My active requested tickets
  4. The list of your opened or in-progress submitted tickets will be listed 
  5. If no tickets exists the list will be empty
  6. Done!
The filtering is a powerful way for you to identify the relevant tickets you want to view from Suptask. Use it to get a good overview of your tickets. 
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