How to overview and find your tickets

Overview and filter your submitted and assigned tickets
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Suptask provides two flavors of overviewing tickets, one native overview in Slack using the Suptask App. And the second one available on the web that comes with extended capabilities and customization options. 

Agents and Users can use both ticket overviews.

The tickets overview in the Suptask App is easy and accessible for all your users within Slack. While the tickets overview on the web provides favorite views, customizable overviews and extended filters. 

Both overviews allow you to open, manage and reply in the ticket.

Overview your tickets as a User

Make sure the Suptask App is visible in the left side menu on Slack. If you do not see it under the Apps section at the far bottom, follow this article to make it visible.

Overview your tickets as an Agent

Tickets overview inside of Slack

  1. Open Suptask App in the left side menu on Slack
  2. Press on Select filters button to the right
  3. Select your desired filters e.g My active requested tickets
  4. The filtered tickets will be listed 
  5. Open a ticket by pressing on View
  6. From here you can view, manage and reply on tickets. 

Tickets overview on the web

  1. Open Web Overview - Link button can be found from Suptask App Home in the left side menu on Slack. You can also navigate directly to
  2. Use Customize Views to change what columns to view and what filters to apply. This includes custom fields.
  3. Open a ticket by pressing on the item in the list to view the details of the ticket. 

Custom views

Creating custom views can help you create focused overviews of your tickets:
  • Overview what tickets that are Unassigned. 
  • Track what tickets are missing a reply. 
  • Overview ticket for a specific form. 
  • Filter out the tickets assigned to you.
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