How to automate using the API

Programmatically automate your ticket management
Written by Sara
Updated 11 months ago

Suptask offers an open API to enable you to integrate programmatically and automate your ticketing process. 

You can both create new tickets and retrieve statistics and data on existing and closed tickets. 

Creating tickets via API

You can easily create tickets by creating a new Slack Workflow where Suptask is an action step that creates tickets. 

The step for Suptask inside of the workflow will allow you to customize the properties of the ticket created.

This Slack Workflow should be enabled to be triggered using a Webhook.

Use this Webhook endpoint to create tickets in Suptask.

Retrieving ticket data via API

All ticket data are available to be programmatically retrieved via the API.

This is empowered by a private bucket that you get access to which you can utilize to retrieve the tickets via an HTTPS endpoint. 

Reach out to our support to get more information about the API and request access to it.

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