How to add and manage followers on tickets

Add users to follow your tickets
Written by Sara
Updated 6 months ago

One of the useful features of our ticketing system is the ability to add additional users to follow and track tickets. This feature allows you to include individuals who are not part of your team of agents but possess expertise that may be required for specific tickets.

By adding followers, you can bring in people with the necessary knowledge or skills to contribute to the resolution of a particular ticket. These followers have the ability to reply to and comment on tickets, providing their insights and suggestions.

Followers do not have the authority to be assigned or manage any tickets like an agent does. Their role is primarily to provide input and support in the ticketing process.
You do not need to add any followers to your responder channel.

How to add a follower as an Agent

Agents can add one or many users as a follower from across the Slack workspace on any of their active tickets. 

  1. Open the ticket where you want to add followers 
  2. Press on Followers
  3. Add the users you want to follow the ticket
  4. Press on Submit. 
  5. Done!

How to follow a ticket as a user

A user who is added as a follower to a ticket, will automatically receive a message and a notification from Suptask. 

The user will be able to reply in the ticket, as well as read the replies and the content of the ticket. This makes it easy to communicate with all the parties of a ticket.

The user can select to Unfollow the ticket, which will stop the user from seeing any updates on the ticket, as well as preventing the user to reply on the ticket.

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