How the AI assistant works

Automatic summary of the problem and solution for your tickets
Written by Sara
Updated 1 month ago

The AI assistant helps you in your daily work with tickets by creating an automatic summary of each ticket when it is closed.

Each ticket can have several replies between Agents and users, which can create a very long thread of messages back and forth. This can make it challenging to understand the context of a ticket. 

Suptask's AI assistant automatically analyse the messages inside of a ticket and creates a summary with the problem and solution when the ticket is closed. 

This makes it easy to understand the context of each ticket by just looking at the summary at the end of each ticket. It also helps building knowledge across your team members over time.

All ticket information is available within the built-in search in Slack, making it easy to find solutions on problems for previous tickets.

AI assistant can be turned off for your account. Please contact Support who can help you with this matter.
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