How does the Agent Pricing & Billing work?

Subscription pricing plans and billing by agent
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An Agent is defined as a person who has joined the responder channels, who can act and respond on tickets, and be assigned on tickets. 

Suptask automatically calculate the number of Agents where we look at the users who are a part of the Agent Responder channels that are configured on the Ticket forms.

Every user who is a part of a Responder channel will be an Agent.  

There is a 6 hour grace period before we charge for the newly invited Agent. If you believe a user was invited by mistake, then you can simply remove that user within 6 hours and it will not be charged for. 

Agents are unique across Agent Responder channels, which means that a user who is a part of two different Agent Responder channels will be calculated as one single agent.

You will be charged for any newly added agents on the same day. If you remove an agent it will be accounted for on your next billing cycle.

We do not charge for your Slack workspace users. 

If you would have any questions regarding Agents calculation or billing, contact Support via email or chat. 

You have two Agent Responder channels in Slack that have Ticket Forms configured.
These 2 channels have a total of 10 unique Slack users that have joined these channels. You will be charged for a total of 10 agents.

In week 3, there are 5 more users joining the channels. You will be charged for an additional 5 agents. 
In week 5 there are 2 users leaving the channels. On your next billing cycle the 2 agents will be deducted for.
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