How Agents can work in the Collaboration channel

Work together across teams to resolve, manage and triage tickets
Written by Sara
Updated 4 weeks ago
We recommend that you mute the Inbox responder channel in Slack if you intend to work in the Collaboration channel as an agent.

Collaboration channels allow users to submit tickets inside of Slack channel. 

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Sometimes you want to have a completely transparent ticketing experience, where Agents can respond to tickets openly together with the users who requested the ticket. 

Example 1
During a triaging process, to evaluate publicaly what the next step of this ticket should be e.g a software Bug. 
Example 2
When many teams work together in one channel to both submit and resolve tickets together, without any private comments required.

The Collaboration channel allows for Agents to respond to tickets using the ticket message thread.

Agents can open and edit the ticket directly from the Collaboration channel, where the ticket status, assignee etc, can be edited. 

This is useful in case you do not need private cooperation and communication between your Agents, which is the benefit of using the Responder channel. 

When using the Collaboration channel for the remediation process of a ticket, the complete communication is open and transparent between the Agents and the users who requested the ticket. 

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