How to manage tickets with Slack Connect

Ticketing with external organizations using Slack Connect
Written by Sara
Updated 1 year ago

Slack Connect allows multiple workspaces in Slack to work together, allowing you to invite external organization in to specific channels. 

This opens up for use cases where Suptask can be used by people across organizations, using Slack Connect, to manage and work on tickets in Slack.

You setup Suptask as you normally do, but there are a few points to take in to consideration:

  • The Slack workspace who created the channel need to be on a paying plan in order for the functionality with Slack Connect to work properly. 
  • Slack built-in search is used to find a ticket or a ticket ID. 
  • Shortcut commands do not support Slack Connect tickets for the users who are invited as an external party.
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If you require the external connected workspace to be responders:

  • Both Slack workspaces need to have Suptask App installed. 
  • Slack Connect enabled channels need to exist for both requester and responder channel, where the responder channel need to be a private channel.
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