How to create Suptask tickets from Email

Set up the email ticketing integration in Suptask
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Reach out to to request access to the Email ticketing integration.

The Email integration in Suptask allow you to receive emails which Suptask will automatically make a ticket of in Suptask, inside of Slack. You can easily work on the ticket inside of Slack, like any other Suptask ticket. 

Replies on the Suptask ticket in Slack will automatically be sent as replies via email back to the end-user who submitted the ticket via email. 

Users will receive a confirmation email back when their ticket has been created. This allow them to reply via email on the ticket, without having to be inside of Slack. 

The communication is bi-directionally synced between Slack and the Email.

How it works

The user Bob sends an email request to He will receive a confirmation email back letting him know a ticket has been created.

Kate who is an Agent in Suptask, will receive a notification inside of Slack with a direct access to the ticket including the ticket thread. 

Kate can read through the email sent by Bob inside of Suptask. She can reply on the ticket in Suptask, by using the ticket message thread. 

Kate's reply will automatically be sent as an email back to Bob. Bob can view the conversation of the ticket within the email.

Bob can reply on the email to add additional information to the ticket, including attachments. All information will be synced into Slack. 

How to configure the email integration in Slack

Reach out to to share the information in order to get you set up. 

Follow the below steps to set up the email integration:

  1. Forwarding emails from an adress that you own to

    Ex: has a forwarding rule for all emails to
  2. Set up a form in your Suptask Inbox which will be used to create email tickets. 
    Ex: Email form inside of my IT-helpdesk Inbox.

  3. Enable the mapping between your email address and the Suptask Inbox
    Ex: Emails to should go to the Suptask IT-helpdesk Inbox

  4. Define your organization or team name that will be visible in the sender name field of the emails. 
    Ex: "Acme Inc" or "IT Team"

How email addresses will be used

  1. The first email from a user to should be forwarded to 
    1. Suptask will validate the email, the forwarding address and the mapping to the Suptask Inbox. 
  2. Suptask will send an automatic reply back to the user with a confirmation that the email request has been received together with the ticket number. This email will be sent from the sender name Acme Inc and will use the sender address 
    1. Reach out to if you are interested in a custom domain.
  3. The Suptask Agent named Kate will reply on the ticket. The user will receive an email from the sender name Kate (Acme Inc) with the sender address 
Suptask domains are using the most recent email security to ensure email deliveries. This include DMARC, DKIM and SPF.  
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