How to set up recurring reports

Set up recurring reports from Suptask directly to You.
Written by Sara
Updated 5 months ago

Recurring reports contains statistics and data about all your tickets within Suptask. It enables you to continuously retrieve data on tickets to perform your own calculations and visualizations. 

As the reports are delivered in a raw format using Comma Separated Values (CSV), it is very easy for anyone to feed this data into an application like Excel. 

Reports are delivered via email as attached files to any recipient of your choice. 

Here is how to set up reports:

  1. Log in to Suptask web admin.
  2. Proceed to Reports in the main menu.
  3. Edit the entry Standard recurring reports in the list to configure reports.
  4. Start by Enable the delivery (weekly).
  5. Configure what weekday the reports should be delivered on an at what time (in UTC). 
  6. Enter the email addresses of the recipients who will all receive the automatic email containing the report. 
  7. Done! 

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