How to respond and remediate tickets

Respond and provide a solution for submitted tickets
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When tickets that are submitted they end up in the responding channel where responders are operating. Providing a solution on a submitted ticket is something that the responders do to remediate the ticket. 

What channel tickets are requested in and in what channel they show up for the responding team, can be configured exactly how you want it to be. Learn more about it in this article.

Responding and remediating tickets:

  1. A new ticket arrives in the responding channel.
  2. View or Edit the ticket by pressing on View / Edit.
  3. Set the priority of the ticket, review all ticket fields, assign the ticket and press Save.
  4. Open the ticket thread in the same way you would open a message thread in Slack.
  5. All replies for a ticket are by default private for the responding team. It is there to easily communicate with your team members on tickets and cooperate to provide a solution on a ticket.
  6. In order to reply back to the ticket requester you can put the reaction emoji  
    🎺 (:trumpet:) on the message you want to reply with. The requester will automatically be notified about your message.
  7. When you are done working with a ticket and ready to close it, you can press on the Close button of the ticket message.
Make sure to provide your reply back on the ticket before closing it. 

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