How to respond and remediate tickets

Agent that can respond and provide a solution for submitted tickets
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Submitted tickets are directed to the responder channel configured on the Inbox.

Agents gets access to submitted tickets by being a part of the Responder channel. They can work privately as a team to resolve tickets together, leaving both private and public replies on tickets.

Agents can easily overview and track their tickets in the Suptask App in Slack, or using the Tickets web overview. 

How to reply on a ticket

All Agent message for a ticket are by default public. 

To send a public reply back on the ticket, add the reaction emoji  
🎺 (:trumpet:) on the thread message that you want to reply with. The requester(s) will automatically be notified about your message.

You can withdraw a public reply in case you want to change or remove it. 

How to manage a ticket

Agents have permissions to manage the tickets which includes actions such as:

  • Assign and re-assign Agents 
  • Update the ticket status (e.g from Open to In-progress, or Close the ticket)
  • Set the internal Priority 
  • Read and edit all form fields 
  • Send approvals 
  • Add followers
  • Change requester user

Agents can open any ticket and have access to the actions on the ticket. 

Press on View & Edit on a ticket to Assign, Update status, Set priority, Change requester or view all submitted field information.

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