How to move a ticket

Move a ticket from one form to another.
Written by Sara
Updated 7 months ago

When a ticket has been submitted, it can be moved by Agents to another ticket form. This can help when the user who submitted the ticket, sent it to the wrong team or using the wrong form. 

Tickets submitted in Collaboration channels can be moved. Private tickets need to be re-submitted. 

Here is how you can move a ticket:

  1. As an Agent, open the ticket from the responder channel, or from Suptask App. 
  2. Within the action buttons of the ticket, you will find the Move button. 
  3. Press on Move for the selected ticket.
  4. Select what team & channel, as well as what new ticket form to send the ticket to. 
  5. Confirm by pressing Submit

The original ticket will be automatically closed. Both tickets will contain links in-between, so it is easy to gain context from the old ticket to the new for both Agents and users. 

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