How to add Suptask on Slack

Adding and starting up Suptask on Slack
Written by Sara
Updated 9 months ago

Suptask works as a Slack App within Slack and requires to be added by a Slack Workspace Admin. 

To proceed with these steps, make sure you have enough permissions in your Slack Workspace to manage Slack Apps. 

How to add Suptask to your Slack Workspace:

  1. Navigate to the Suptask App in Slack App Directory
  2. Press the action button Install
  3. Confirm and grant the permissions required for Suptask 
  4. Verify that Suptask is installed by looking for it in the left side menu on Slack
  5. If it is present you are all done!

Suptask requires a set of permissions to operate in Slack. We use the minimum permissions required to provide the Suptask functionality in Slack.

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