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Getting started with Suptask and ticketing on Slack
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Make sure you have installed Suptask in your workspace and completed the initial setup. Don't have Suptask ready in your Slack workspace?
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Suptask turns your Slack workspace into the next-generation AI ticketing help desk system. Enabling you to manage a modern ticketing experience within your organization, finding the right answers, improving collaboration and optimizing your resolution times.

Suptask has a unique solution where users never have to leave Slack to remediate and work on tickets. Everything you do related to your ticketing experience can be on Slack.

Users can submit tickets and Agents are the users who responds to tickets. 

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Set up your ticket inbox forms 

Ticket Inbox Forms will help you to define what information and data that you and your team of Agents need from the users who submits tickets, in order to remediate and provide a solution for the tickets. 

They also allow you to define How you can receive the tickets inside of Slack: 

  • Privately - All users in Slack can access this form and the submitted information is only available to the requester user and the responding Agents. Use it to receive sensitive or personal information from users
  • Collaboration - Users who are a part of a specified channel can access this form. The submitted ticket is shared and visible in the channel where users can work together on it.

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You need to be an Admin to manage Inbox forms. Your primary Admin can add co-admins from here.

Get Started as a User who submits tickets

Suptask allow tickets to be sent in from anywhere in your Slack workspace, depending on how you configure your inbox ticket forms. Any message from Direct Messages or a Channel can be submitted as a ticket.

Users can also navigate to the Suptask App Home and submit a ticket from there. 

Tickets can either be submitted in Collaboration channel which is transparent to all users in that channel, or Privately, where only the requester of the ticket and the responding Agents can view the ticket information.

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Get Started as an Agent who responds to tickets

To become an Agent, a user will need to join the Responder channel. Only Agents that belong to a Responder channel, can access and manage the tickets sent to this Responder channel.

Think of a Responder channel as a private space for Agents with a stream of all incoming tickets.

Agents can leave both private comments on tickets, and share public replies back to the ticket requester(s). 

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How to Overview and Find my tickets

Both users who submits a ticket and Agents, can easily overview and track their tickets from the Suptask App Home or using the extended Web Overview

The Suptask App is available in the left side menu in Suptask, and can by favorized so it is easy to access at all times. 

The Dashboard provides a great visualization of your current ticket status and performance, making it easy to track and report (for example using your own KPIs). 

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You need to be an Admin to view the Dashboard. Your primary Admin can add co-admins from here.

How the AI assistant works 

Discover how the AI assistant in Suptask can empower Agents by automatically summarizing the exact problem and solution of each closed ticket.

This helps build knowledge within the team, it makes it easy to find solutions to previous problems and build up solutions to each ticket problem. 

All information summarized by the AI assistant are available from the built-in Slack search.

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