How to create a Ticket Form

Create a new Inbox ticket form
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To get started with Suptask you need to create ticket Forms that will be used to submit tickets in your Slack workspace. 
Ticket Forms defines what information you want to include when a ticket is submitted. This is done by defining one or several Fields that every Form includes.
Before you can create a Form you will need to create one or more fields:
  1. Create your first Field by navigating to Forms and then press on Fields in the main menu. 
  2. Give the field a descriptive name 
  3. Define what kind of type this Field should be depending on what information you want your users to enter for this Field. 
  4. Preview the Field and how it will work. 
  5. Crate the form. Done!

Create your first Ticket Form: 

  1. Navigate to Forms in the main menu. 
  2. Create a new Form and give it a name. 
  3. Select in what Slack channels the Form should be available. 
  4. Proceed to the next step to configure Fields for the Form. 
  5. Select Add Field and select the Field you created. A field can be set to be required to be filled in by the user. 
  6. Proceed to preview how the Form will look. 
  7. Done!
You can read a further explanation of Ticket Forms and Fields with examples: What are ticket Forms and Fields?
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