How to set and change the requester user on tickets

How you can change the requester of a ticket, or create it on behalf of another user.
Written by Sara
Updated 6 months ago

Tickets that are created always have a Requester user set as the primary owner of the ticket.

Creating a ticket on behalf of another user

You can create a ticket on behalf of another user, by changing the requester of the ticket before it is submitted. This is available from the Create a ticket dialogue.

Changing the requester on a ticket

Agents have the option to change the Requester from one user to another, when the ticket has already been sent in via a Collaboration channel.

Suptask automatically lists the users who have access to the ticket when selecting the Requester of a ticket.

For example, only users that are a part of the Collaboration channel will be listed as a user to select as a new Requester when changing an already submitted ticket. 

For tickets in Direct Messages (DM), the users who are a part of the DM conversation will be available to set as the Requester.

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