How to attach files in tickets

How to attach images and other files submitted tickets
Written by Sara
Updated 2 months ago

Images and other files can be attached when submitting the ticket, or on existing tickets. This is done by sending a normal message on Slack inside of the ticket message thread, and at the same time attaching one or many files. All files are automatically synced and stored on the ticket.

Files need to be attached to the ticket message thread, after the ticket has been created. This is due to that Slack does not allow tickets to be attached in the form. 

The recommended solution is to set up a custom field on the ticket form, which informs the user that the file should be attached after the creation of the ticket.

Here follows the suggested steps: 

  1. Move to Forms in Suptask Web.
  2. Edit the ticket form where you want to have attached files
  3. Create a new Custom field using the single-line text field type 
  4. Enter the name of the field to be the descriptive text, for example Attach files to this ticket after you have created it.
  5. Create the field, and attach it to the form with the desired position inside of the form. It can be set to optional. 
  6. Save the form.
  7. Done. Now all your users will get the instructions on how to attach files in Suptask when submitting or editing the ticket.
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