How Suptask works within Slack

The beginners guide to how Suptask establishes a ticket system within Slack.
Written by Sara
Updated 5 months ago

Suptask uses Slack Channels, Messages and Message threads to establish a fully fledged ticket system within your Slack workspace. Giving your users the ability to submit, manage and remediate tickets

Slack workspace 

Suptask is a Slack App which is installed within your Slack workspace to empower it with ticketing capabilities. 

Suptask App Home

When Suptask App is installed, it consists of a Home view which gives an overview of all tickets related to the user, filtering capabilities as well as access to each individual ticket. 

Slack Channels

By inviting the Suptask App to a Slack channel, you enable that channel to be utilized within Suptask ticket system. 

Creating tickets in Slack 

Suptask provides a ticketing experience that works across your Slack workspace for all your users. 

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