How to create custom fields

Create custom fields to be used in inbox ticket forms
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Custom fields can help define what information you want your users to submit within a ticket form. Each field can be of a different type, helping you to get the exact piece of information needed to resolve the ticket easily. 

Custom fields are created in your Suptask account and can be reused across different ticket forms. 

You can find your custom fields on the Inbox > Manage fields

Field types

  • Single-line text - User can write any kind of information such as a customer name or a date
  • Multi-line text - User can write a lot of information on multiple lines such as a longer message or log data 
  • Single-selection list - User can select a single option from a list. You define what options a user can pick from. 
  • Multi-selection list - User can select multiple options from a list. You define what options a user can pick from.
  • Single Slack user - Select a single user from your Slack workspace
  • Multi Slack user - Select a multiple users from your Slack workspace
  • Static text - Add static text to as a placeholder template to your form, helping you to give instructions or information to your users (coming soon)
  • Date time - User can select a date and/or time. (coming soon)

Example usage of custom fields

Custom fields provides a number of possibilities to enhance the ticketing experience for your users. 

Below follows a few examples:

Example using the Single-selection list:

Create a custom field of the Single-selection list type where the user need to specify what laptop vendor they are using, in case of a hardware issue. Laptop type: Lenovo, Macbook, HP 

Example using the Single-line text:

Create a custom field of the Single-line text type where the user need to be specify their user account ID when submitting a form. 
Account ID

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