How to configure the email integration for Gmail & Google Workspaces

Configure and troubleshoot the email integration for Gmail and Google Workspaces
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In this article we help guide you through how a common setup can look in Gmail & Google Workspaces when integrated with Suptask. 

The Suptask Email integration is receiving emails from an address which in turn forwards the emails to Suptask. By using forwarding from a local address on the customer side, Suptask can validate the emails and direct them to the correct Inbox, as well as secure who delivers the emails to Suptask.

We will make use of the Routing rules in Gmail in order to setup forwarding to Suptask. 

How to configure forwarding 

Navigate to the Gmail app configuration inside of the Admin panel of Google Workspaces. In here you can set

  1. In the Workspace Admin panel, open the Apps
  2. Select Google Workspace
  3. Select the Gmail app
  4. Select Default routing
  5. Select Add Another Rule in order to create a new routing rule.

The important fields to set up next in the rule are: 

  • Single recipient Email address - Which incoming email this rule should be applied to. This is your local address. 
  • Add more recipients - Use the Basic setup and enter the Suptask email address to forward emails to:
  • Options - Make sure to have this value selected: Perform this action on non-recognized and recognized addresses

Example of a Routing rule


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