How to change the name of Suptask in Slack

Change the name of the Suptask app in Slack
Written by Sara
Updated 2 weeks ago

The default name of the app in Slack is Suptask. Sometimes you want to change this to match your own branding. 

This is possible and can be done as a part of the configuration of the Suptask app in Slack.

App naming examples: 

IT Support
MyCompany Support

How to change the app name

  1. Open the Suptask app in Slack 
  2. Click on the tab About 
  3. Press on the button Configuration
  4. This will open up the configuration page of Suptask in your web browser. 
  5. Scroll to the bottom of the page and find the section Bot user
  6. Press on Edit and select the name of your choice. 
  7. Done.
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