How to use integrations

What are integrations and how to use them with Suptask
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Integrations can be used to optimize your workflow and make it more efficient when you are working with Suptask tickets in Slack. 

Suptask supports over 300+ integrations against different systems using our flexible integration connectors. 

Head over here for an updated list of all our integrations across subscription plans. Have any integration you are looking for, feel free to reach out to us.

Create related tickets from Suptask

Suptask's integrations with GitLab, GitHub and JIRA allow you to create a ticket into these systems from within a Suptask ticket. 

Suptask can automatically include information from the Suptask ticket into the tickets in the other systems using placeholders. 

Example use case
Triaging of tickets are handled with Suptask in a Slack channel, collecting all discussions about a potential issue or feedback points within the ticket message thread.
If the case is a confirmed bug, the Agents in Suptask can create the ticket to e.g GitLab with all relevant information and the Suptask ticket thread as a reference. 

Learn more about the GitLab integration
Learn more about the GitHub integration

Incoming tickets to Suptask

The ZenDesk integration allow you to create tickets directly from ZenDesk web interface into Suptask. 

Quickly create Suptask tickets from a ZenDesk ticket, linking them together with direct access to the conversation in the Suptask ticket as an internal comment in the ZenDesk ticket. 

Example use case
Customer Support works on the received ticket from a customer in ZenDesk. To get further expert help from internal teams, they escalate the ticket to Suptask, including more teams to discuss and help resolve the tickets inside of Slack. 

Learn more about the ZenDesk integration

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