How to manage access to inboxes

Manage access and permissions to inboxes
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Inboxes allow you to control access to tickets for your Agents. Tickets submitted using a ticket form for a certain Inbox will only be available for the Agents belonging to that Inbox. 

Access to an Inbox is controlled by the Responder channel. The users who are invited to a Responder channel automatically get Agent permissions. 

Inboxes with multiple teams 

You can setup an Inbox for each team that you want to enable Suptask ticketing for. Each team will only have access to the tickets submitted to their Inbox.

The Agent access to each Inbox is controlled by inviting the users to the Responder channel used by the Inbox. This will automatically give those users Agent permissions and access to the tickets in the Inbox. 

For example:

  • IT team uses the inbox IT-help 
  • HR team uses the Inbox HR-support
The HR team can not see nor access any of the submitted tickets which the IT team receives in their inbox, and vice verse. 

Multiple admins for Inbox

You can have one or many Administrators of your Inbox, allowing these users to manage the ticket forms related to an Inbox. 

This allow you to scale Suptask smoothly across your teams by having team admins to manage their team's ticket forms and Inbox. 

Follow these steps to set up an Inbox administrator:

  1. Add the user as a co-admin to your Suptask account following the instructions from here
  2. Add the user to any existing Inbox that he should have access to by inviting the user to the Responder channel of the Inbox 
Users who are not invited to the Responder channel of the Inbox will not see the Inbox in the Suptask web interface. Make sure you invite the user to the Responder channel in Slack for the Inbox to be visible.
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