How to change the default Agent reply

Agent replies can either be Private/Internal or Public by default
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When an Agent replies on a ticket, the message can either be private / internal or public. By default, any message from the Agent is private / internal, only accessible to the team of Agents. To send a public reply, the Agent can add the reaction emoji 🎺 (:trumpet:) on the message to send it as a public reply message back to the requester(s).  

On your Suptask account, you can change the default method for Agent replies to either be private or public by visting your Account settings. It is available for everyone with the Professional plan or above.

Private/Internal replies by default

Replies from Agents on tickets are by default private/internal and only available to Agents. Public replies can be sent to Requesters(s) of the ticket by adding the 🎺 (:trumpet:) reaction emoji on the message.

Private/Internal replies is the standard method by default for any new Suptask account.

Public replies by default

Replies from Agents on tickets are by default public and sent directly to the Requester(s) of the ticket. Private/internal comments are added by adding the 🔒(:lock:) emoji before any message text. 

Approvals and Followers

This settings does not apply to Approvers and Followers. They will by default send private messages and need to add the 🎺 (:trumpet:) reaction emoji for public replies. 

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