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Release notes for product release 2021-05-03
Written by Sara N
Updated 4 months ago

New features

New compact overview of tickets

Achieving an overview on many tickets can often be require to understand the status of tickets, progress, tracking vital metrics such as first-time-to-reply and what tickets that are not assigned yet. 

In this release we are happy to announce a brand new overview that allows you to get a list view of all your tickets when visiting Suptask App home. This new view works with the current filtering and supports 40+ tickets being displayed at the same time. 

New key ticket metrics

Within the new compact list view there are now a set of new metrics exposed to give you more possibilities to understand the state and track the progress of your tickets. 

New metrics that are now available:

  • Time since created (Column name: Created)
  • Time since last update (Column name: Updated)
  • Time to first reply from a responder (Column name: First reply)
  • Number of comments from requesters and responders (Column name: Cmnts)

Edit & View your submitted ticket

Requesters now have the ability to view and edit the information they have sent in with a ticket. This empowers you who have submitted a ticket to easily add any missing details and view any information on the ticket at a later stage.

  • You can easily find a ticket using the ticket search command that is available in any channel where the Suptask App is:
    /ticket <id>

View ticket information

Users can now open and view ticket information directly on the right side context view in Slack. This provides a smoother workflow as users are not redirected away from the current location, but can stay where they are and view information about the ticket at the same time.

Only newly created tickets have this feature enabled
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