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Release notes for product release 2021-04-19
Written by Sara N
Updated 5 months ago

New features

View source of ticket

Each ticket view now have a new field showing what form that was used as a source when submitting the ticket. You can now easily spot where a ticket came from by directly viewing the ticket.

Search for a ticket ID 

Suptask now comes with a handy slash command that allows you to find one or many tickets. By using this command you can easily find any ticket ID you might look for. It also supports finding several ticket ID's at the same search. 
You use this slash command in any channel where Suptask App is.


Find ticket 46: 
/ticket 46
Find ticket 45 and 47:
/ticket 45,47


  • Enhanced clarity that you cannot use the same Responder channel as Requester channel
  • Space on Suptask App Home in Slack is now utilized more efficiently to give you more information in one view
  • Filtering and pagination on Suptask App Home in Slack has been improved 
  • Ticket ID is now more highlighted in new ticket message threads 
  • Attached files are now properly included if it is attached on the initial ticket message
  • Fields in the filtering list in Suptask App Home have been reordered for easier accessibility
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