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Release notes for product release 2021-04-05
Written by Sara N
Updated 6 months ago

New features

New ticket priority field 

Ticket priority is available for the Responding Agents to apply an internal priority on the received ticket. This can be used to classify the urgency of tickets and the impact of it, based on other input fields and descriptions. 

There is now an additional field Critical available, making the complete list of fields for Priority:

  • Critical
  • High
  • Normal
  • Low 

Create ticket using slash command

You are now able to create a new ticket using a slash command. This extends the capability to create tickets from using the reaction emoji Ticket (:ticket:). 

The new slash command is available by default and can be written directly in the channel by a user:

/suptask create

Users are now able to create tickets using the following methods in the Requester channels:  

  • Add the reaction emoji Ticket (:ticket:) on a message
  • Write the slash command in the channel
  • This new slash command is also available for Slack shortcuts:
    More information about Slack Shortcuts
Hide inactive Forms
Forms can now be set to be hidden in order to not make them show up in the Requester channels. This is valuable if you intend to have a Form in a draft or if you want to temporarily hide it from users. 
It helps you phase out old Forms as you can easily hide the old Form and make the new Form be visible.

Important changes

Only Slack Admins and Owners are now able to login to Suptask Web Admin.


  • Forms are now ordered A to Z in the list exposed in Requester channels.
  • Default order of tickets in Suptask App Home is now ordered with the latest created tickets first.
  • There is a new menu structure available in the Web Admin.
  • More information is now available when creating and updating forms, in order explain further what actions are required for it to work. 
  • Number of custom Fields per Form is now increased to 25 
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